November 16, 2020

chimney for pellet stove

The traditional stone or brick chimney is typically installed in a wood stove.  However, in the modern-day today, we have pellet stoves that can work without the installation of a chimney.

That said, a pellet stove still requires specific venting through a wall. In most cases, they come with a pre-installed blower and if it doesn’t, installing a chimney is still not required unless you plan on building a fireplace. Even still, one of the first questions a customer inquires about a stove pellet is whether they need to install a tall chimney for a wood pellet.

To give you some context here is why pellet stoves don’t need a chimney:

Back in the day, wood stoves or burners were generally placed inside the fireplace with a chimney or back against an outside wall for the flue to carry out the smoke outside the property. Over time, there has been a rapid shift in heating trends and stoves that emits out less smoke and provides efficient venting.

It goes without saying that fireplaces were a bit dangerous as they used fuel to heat your home. On the other hand, a wood pellet stove works without fuel and has the heating properties of the traditional wood stoves. Pellet stoves use wood pellets and have the traditional look of beautiful orange flames that makes you feel at home. The use of pellets also cuts down on the cost of installing a flue and is a more practical step towards installing an effective venting system.

Stove Basics

Although a stove that works on pellets can heat a room with the same capacity as a wood stove, if you are still looking to go for a classic look over a modern iteration then make sure your wood stove is not less than a foot close to a combustible wall.

A pellet stove burns highly compressed pellets which is the cleanest type of solid fuel available while the wood pellets are made from wood waste like sawdust. In comparison with wooden stoves, pellet stoves can provide higher degrees of heat for large spaces.


When it comes to convenience, a pellet stove can be regulated through a thermostat or remote control. It comes with large hoppers that allow you to rest easy and experience 65 hours of warm air without any inconvenience. To get started, you simply place the pellets in the hopper and start the heating mechanism. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and as stove pellets don’t need a chimney, hence, the costs on both heating solutions are approximately similar.


Unlike modern stove, the traditional stove gives a picturesque vibe of natural fire but that is hardly safe for children or pets. To include the ambiance of wood and fire, a modern pellet stove does not need the setup of a fireplace and instead can calm you with beautiful orange flames through a screen resemblance of fire.

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