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  • Lennox OEM – Blower Kit Gas Fireplaces (80L86) – Original OEM Part

Lennox OEM – Blower Kit Gas Fireplaces (80L86) – Original OEM Part Price: $470.00 (as of 25/03/2023 01:53 PST- Details)

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Genuine, Certified OEM part from IHP (Innovative Hearth Products)


Replacement blower kit (FBK-250) for Lennox gas stoves, inserts, and fireplaces. This kit includes the blower assembly, speed keep watch over module, 2 screws and directions. Fits the next Lennox gas stoves, inserts, and fireplaces: Elite Gas Fireplaces: EBVSTNM EBVSTPM EBVSTNE EBVPFNM EBVPFPM EBVPFNE EBVCLNM EBVCLPM EBVCRNM EBVCRPM EBVCLNE EBVCRNE ED3530CNM ED3530CPM ED4035CNM-2 ED4035CPM-2 ED4540CNM-2 ED4540CPM-2 ED3530CNE ED3530CPE ED4035CNE-2 ED4035CPE-2 ED4540CNE-2 ED4540CPE-2 EDV3530CNE EDV3530CNM EDV3530CNM-B EDV3530CPM EDV4035CNE EDV4035CNM EDV4035CNM-B EDV4035CPM EDV4540CNE EDV4540CNM EDV4540CNM-B EDV4540CPM EDVSTNM EDVSTPM EDVSTNE EDVPFNM EDVPFPM EDVPFNE EDVCLNM EDVCRNM EDVCLPM EDVCRPM EDVCLNE EDVCRNE EDSTNM-2 EDSTPM-2 EDSTNE-2 EDSTPE-2 EDPFNM-2 EDPFPM-2 EDPFNE-2 EDPFPE-2 EDCLNM-2 EDCLPM-2 EDCLNE-2 EDCLPE-2 EDCRNM-2 EDCRPM-2 EDCRNE-2 EDCRPE-2 LBV-3824MN LBV-3824MP LBV-3824MN-H LBV-3824MP-H LBV-3824EN-H LBV-3824EN LBV-4324MN LBV-4324MP LBV-4324MN-H LBV-4324MP-H LBV-4324EN-H LBV-4324EN Advantage Gas Fireplaces: LMDVT-3328CNM LMDVR-3328CNM LMDVT-3328CPM LMDVR-3328CPM LMDVT-3328CNE LMDVR-3328CNE LMDV-3530CNM LMDV-3530CPM LMDV-3530CNE LMDV-4035CNM LMDV-4035CPM LMDV-4035CNE MPB-3328CNM MPB-3328CNE MPB-3328CPM MPB-3530CNM MPB-3530CNE MPB-3530CPM MPB-4035CNM MPB-4035CNE MPB-4540CNM MPB-4540CNE MPB35ST-NM MPB35ST-PM MPB35ST-NE MPDT3328CNE MPDT3328CNM MPDT3328CPM MPDR3328CNM MPDR3328CNE MPDR3328CPM MPD-3530CNE MPD-3530CNM MPD3530CNM-B MPD-3530CPM MPD-3530CNE-B MPD-4035CPM MPD-4035CNE MPD-4035CNM MPD4035CNM-B MPD-4035CNE-B MPD-4540CNM MPD4540CNM-B MPD-4540CPM MPD-4540CNE MPD-4540CNE-B MPD35ST-NM MPD35ST-PM MPD35ST-NE

Make certain this fits by coming into your model number.
Genuine, Certified OEM phase from IHP (Leading edge Fireplace Merchandise)

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