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Buck Stoves

Bay Series... A series of well built high heat performers featuring decorative side windows and full view glass door  with air wash system to help keep soot and creosote off the glass. The factory installed blower quietly  circulates warm air throughout your home.
Premier Series... This series has taken all the hassle out of heating with wood. Standard features include a factory  installed blower, ash removal tray and glass door with air wash system.
Traditional Series... Crafted in a traditional time-honored design, this non-catalytic series features a dual top heat  exchanger and an over sized glass door with air wash system to minimize cleaning. Optional blower  systems are available for each unit.
New Buck Corporation proudly produces all of it’s stoves in the United States of America. From the designing of the stove, to bending and shaping of the first piece of metal, to welding each piece together and painting and packaging for shipping, all of their stoves are assembled by hand with care and precision. Whichever Buck Stove product you decide to get, you will receive many years of operation and enjoyment.