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Austroflamm Wood Stoves

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Rika was founded more than 50 years ago in Micheldorf, Austria by Karl Riener and his family.  From a small company, specializing in hand made wrought iron products, grew a large, well known company recognized today as Rika Metallwarengesellschaft. We appreciate quality and feel that our company manufactures some of the finest wood and pellet burning stoves available in today’s marketplace. In addition to wood stoves, we are also known for our high quality pellet stoves, wood-burning cook stoves, freestanding fireplaces, and water heater units. Rika also produces a large variety of other metal products for international corporations. In 1988, Rika began to introduce its products into the United States under the trade name Austroflamm. Rapid growth in the U.S. is directly attributed to the quality and unique design of the Austroflamm line of stoves.